ADEKA corporation has more than 100 years of experience for chemicals.
Especially for the ALD and CVD material, ADEKA plays an important role in the Korean semiconductor industry in the leading position.

ADEKA was founded in 1917, a chemical company with over 100 years of history. Since the manufacturing of high purity liquefied chlorine in 1981, with high purity gas and CVD materials, it has contributed to the development of various fields such as semiconductor FPD and optical communication.
In addition, the company has strengths in quality control, such as product refining technology, analysis technology, and cleaning maintenance technology for exclusive Canister, which have been secured through mass-production supply for more than 20 years.

As the semiconductor sector becomes more sophisticated and dense, the demand for new materials is always increasing. So ADEKA takes an initiating role for the industry by developing new ALD/CVD materials. And the company is highly evaluated by domestic and foreign customers to develop a variety of original products such as High-K, electrode materials, and wiring materials.

ALD / CVD Precursors

ALD / CVD Precursors
Use Item Element Product Appearance
High-k Al₂O₃ Al Aluminium Al(mmp)₃ Liquid
TMA : Alme₃ Liquid
Ta₂O₅ Ta Tantalum TBTDET : t-BuN=Ta(NEt₂)₃ Liquid
TBTEMT : t-BuN=Ta(NEtMe)₃ Liquid
NB₂O₅ Nb Niobium TBTDEN : t-BuN=Nb(NEt₂)₃ Liquid
TBTEMN : t-BuN=Nb(NEtMe)₃ Liquid
HfO₂ Hf Hafnium Hf(MMP)₄ Liquid
HTTB : Hf(OtBu)₄ Liquid
*TDMAH : Hf(NMe₂)₄ Solid (m.p. 32℃)
ZrO₂ Zr Zirconium Zr(MMP)₄ Liquid
ZTTB : Zr(Ot-Bu)₄ Liquid
TiO₂ Ti Titanium Ti(MMP)₄ Liquid
TTTB : Ti(OT-Bu)₄ Liquid
TEMAT : Ti(NEtMe)₄ Liquid
Rare earth Dy Dysprosium Dy(EDMDD)₃ Viscous liquid
Dy(s-BuCp)₃ Liquid
La Lanthanum La(EDMDD)₃ Solid (m.p. 150℃)
La(i-PrCp)₃ Liquid
Pr Praseodymium Pr(EDMDD)₃ Solid (m.p. 150℃)
Pr(s-BuCp)₃ Liquid
Sc Scandium Sc(EDMDD)₃ Viscous liquid
Y    Yttrium Y(s-BuCp)₃ Liquid
Yb Yterbium Yb(EDMDD)₃ Viscous liquid
STO Sr Strontium Sr(METHD)₂ Viscous liquid
Ti Titanium Ti(MPD)(THD)₂ Viscous liquid
Ferroelectrics BIT Bi Bismuth Bi(MMP)₃ Solid (m.p. 49℃)
Ti Titanium Ti(MMP)₄ Liquid
Barrier metal
TiN Ti Titanium TiCl₄ Liquid
TDMAT : Ti(NMe₂)₄ Liquid
TEMAT : Ti(NEtMe)₄ Liquid
Ru/RuO Ru Ruthenium Ru(OD)₃ Viscous liquid
Ru(EtCp)₂ Liquid
Dielectric Film SiO₂ Si Silicon Si(MMP)₄ Liquid
TEOS : Si(OEt)₄ Liquid
TICS : Si(NMe₂)₃ Liquid
SiO₂/SiN *TDMAS : HSi(NMe₂)₃ Liquid
Low-k TMCTS : (-Me(H)SiO-)₄ Liquid
Optical Devices ZnO Zn Zinc Zn(EDMDD)₂ Liquid
Zu(OD)₂ Liquid
High-Purity Solvent     ECH : Ethylcyclohexane Liquid (b.p. 132℃)
Octane Liquid (b.p. 126℃)

Etching gas · Dielectric Film Materials

Etching gas · Dielectric Film Materials
Item Product Formula Purity
Etching Gas ADEKA HIGH PURITY CHLORINE Cl₂ ≧ 99.999 %
Dielectric Film ADEKA SUPER TEOS Si (OC₂H₅)₄ ≧ 99.999995 %
Dopant ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TMOP PO (OCH₃)₃ ≧ 99.999995 %
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TEOP PO (OC₂H₅)₃ ≧ 99.999995 %
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TMB B (OCH₃)₃ ≧ 99.999995 %
ADEKA HIGH-PURITY TEB B (OC₂H₅)₃ ≧ 99.999995 %