Healthcare / Pet

We discover Korean startups with unique technology in healthcare and pet fields and help them enter the global market.

With an average life expectancy of 80 years or older in developed countries, our lives are getting longer. Along with the length of life, healthcare technology that can improve the quality of life must be accompanied.

In addition, pet care is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and by 2025, the market size is expected to exceed 250 trillion won.

This is why we should expect a global health care and pet startup emerging from Korea.

AI-based brain image analysis solution
Company N, which develops artificial intelligence-based brain image analysis solutions, developed diagnostic and treatment design software using brain modeling technologies that restore the brain using computer, and brain image analysis technologies related to various brain diseases. So far, medical professionals have visually evaluated brain atrophy and white matter degeneration to identify brain neurodegeneration related to dementia or stroke, and accurate numerical information is provided so that it can be judged more accurately and quickly. It is also supplying to Korea's top university hospitals and examination centers, and most recently, to public medical centers.

Through collaboration with Seoil E&M, Company N has passed all the difficult product verification processes in Japan, and is on the verge of entering into a full-fledged contract.
AI-based cardiovascular disease diagnostic device
Company W's product simplifies and minimizes existing similar equipment (Holter monitor) that monitors heart data. Hospitals usually use Holter monitor to conduct electrocardiogram tests on patients, and the main customer base is patients who have arrhythmia or have a potential risk of developing arrhythmia. This allows patients to receive medical treatment and examinations that could only be received at large tertiary hospital-level medical institutions, even at small hospitals close to their home. In the future, we plan to use this device for rehabilitation patients who need follow-up management through continuous monitoring after undergoing related treatment and surgery.

Seoil E&M introduced Company W's products to a number of medical institutions through its unique network in Japan and drew positive responses, and is currently preparing to certify medical devices in Japan.
Measuring and managing blood pressure with a mobile app
Company D has developed a service that detects pulse waves through a smartphone rear camera and measures blood pressure. This was possible with the technology to measure the intensity of light reflected when blood absorbs light. Using this technology, Company D’s application can estimate heart rate signals, blood pressure, and blood vessel age. It relieves health concerns of chronically ill people by checking their health with just a smartphone without a separate device. Company D's current heart rate estimation accuracy is more than 99%, which is not much different from traditional medical devices.

Company D's business focuses on a B2B model. Insurance companies and hospitals create applications based on Company D's algorithms and provide services that inform customers of the possibility of disease. We are also on the verge of entering the Japanese market with good results through PoC with companies in various fields.
VR-Based Eye Disease Diagnosis Medical Device
Startup company M has developed a VR-based eye disease diagnostic medical device. Eye disease diagnostic devices can quantitatively measure eye movement with VR's eye tracking sensor to conduct visual field tests and diplopia tests, and diagnose various eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataract. In addition, It can track and observe eye health conditions through AI analysis, and also provides platform services that provide customized eye health care such as games based on the analyzed data.

Many companies related to ophthalmology in Japan that were introduced by Seoil E&M are showing interest, so we expect a meaningful result in near future.
Autonomic nervous system balance recovery device
The Korean startup company A, which developed a device that helped restore the autonomic nervous system balance in a surprisingly short period time, demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology through clinical trials on autonomic nervous system regulation.

The test was measured and evaluated on a variety of biometrics, and the rapid clinical response within two hours proved to be an innovative healthcare technology that could not be achieved by conventional medical treatments.

Since these technologies are involved in restoring the autonomic nervous system balance, they can improve sleep resolution quickly, bring about heart rate, breath stabilization, and reduce stress levels. So the first product to introduce a consumer health product aimed at improving the quality of sleep.

This technology is involved in restoring the balance of the autonomic nervous system, rapidly improving sleep quality, stabilizes heart rate, and reduces stress levels. The first product is a consumer health product aimed at improving sleep quality.
AI-based pet disease diagnosis and health care
Company A's service enables users to check for disease symptoms with pictures of your pet's eyes or skin taken with a smartphone, utilizing the AI that has learned more than 500,000 pieces of data. With Company A's services, users can detect diseases early and prevent them from becoming more severe without the need for veterinary expertise. It also provides customized health care management methods for life cycle of each pet according to type, age, and health status of a pet along with health, obesity, customization, and behavioral care functions. Company A, which has been recognized for its technical achievement, was registered as Korea's first medical imaging assistant software for animals and received an innovation award at CES.

Japan's pet care industry is a big market, with great potential for even more growth. Seoil E&M and Company A have a strong collaborative partnership to enter the Japanese market.
AI-Based Pet Urine Diagnosis Kit
Company U's flagship product is a smart urine diagnostic kit for pets. Using a smartphone camera and a dedicated urine diagnosis kit, it is a product that can easily check the risk of more than 10 internal diseases in a minute on a mobile app. It can be easily used at home, and treatment in conjunction with animal hospitals is also possible when signs of health abnormalities are found.

It is the first mobile urine diagnostic kit in Korea to obtain a permit to manufacture animal medical devices, and has both convenience and reliability due to its competitiveness price. Company U's products are currently on sale at domestic animal hospitals, Naver Store, Amazon, and digital healthcare products specialized for pets such as kits and oral examination kits that can diagnose diabetes with pet tears are also being prepared.

Seoil E&M's local partner in Japan is currently pushing for an agency contract and is optimistic about the successful entry of the Japanese market.