We are conducting business cooperation with global companies by discovering and incubating advanced IT technologies that will be the core of the fourth industrial revolution, including AI.

INDUSTRY 4.0 is the next industrial revolution led by robots, drones,
self-driving cars, and mixed reality based on AI, IoT, and 5G technology.
As Klaus Schwab, chairman of the Davos Forum in Switzerland said in June 2016, "Just as the previous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industrial revolution revolutionary changed the global environment, the 4th industrial revolution will be a factor that will reshape the order of the world."

Lightweight AI Deep Learning Model
Korean startup company N uses its own deep learning model to develop lightweight technology to compress existing deep learning models that require high-performance computing of cloud servers to handle complex operations. These technologies provide on-demand AI solutions to operate independently on edge devices such as smartphones, small IoT devices, and single-board computers.

On-Device AI solutions can help reduce operational costs by processing data within devices and prevent sensitive personal information leakage by avoiding going through cloud servers. Company N, who has overseas offices in San Jose, US, and Berlin, Germany, is working together with SEOIL E&M, who has various business networks in Japan, to penetrate into Japanese market.
AI-based decision support solutions
Startup A helps enterprise customers in various industries to make optimal decisions by developing and supplying machine learning solutions. Even if you do not have a highly trained data expert, you can easily and conveniently use the solution to plan customized business strategies that leads to results. For example, Company A's solution can predict the targets that are important to business based on purpose of each department, or classify characteristics of eacj data.

Company A, which has one of Japan's leading trading companies and public institutions as references, is making results in various business fields through cooperation with Seoil E&M in Japan.
AI Vision + Autonomous Drone
Startup company V has an unmanned monitoring solution that combines artificial intelligence vision and autonomous driving drones. An AI-equipped drone that can shoot and read images on its own performs safety diagnosis and defect detection of infrastructure such as bridges. Previously, engineers boarded the inspection vehicle and visually inspected it, but there were problems such as the risk of safety accidents and low work efficiency. Company V's solution to solve these problems is receiving great response from major local governments and industries such as construction and engineering.

Company V is penetrating the Japanese market with Seoil E&M who has a strong network with major infrastructure companies.
AI Inference Accelerator Software
Startup company S' AI inference acceleration software boasts 2 to 5 times faster than Google TensorFlow with 15 to 20 percent lower GPU memory usage. Through this, it can be installed in various embedded solutions such as low-end IoT devices and robots. Provided in API format, it allows customers to develop and build AI applications quickly. Company S, which is creating a reference for the Japanese market with Seoil E&M, is expanding its service by launching an AI model market for the global market.

Company S is making a reference in the Japanese market with Seoil E&M, and is expanding its service by launching an AI model market for the global customers.
One-click AI-based app/web testing service
Automatically install apps on hundreds of devices and provide reports after testing within 30 minutes.

In an environment of mixed platforms such as iOS, Android, Web, Desktop, etc., development processes such as Agile, DevOps are introduced to reduce development cycles, but the bottleneck is S/W testing.

AI-based self-test is the only way to test frequently changing S/Ws for many user device environments without a break.

AI-based autonomous testing is the only way to test frequently changed software for many user device environments.
Cold chain logistics data management
Company W has a cold-chain data management solution. When transporting items that require cold chains, such as medicines, chemicals, and food, it records that occurs during the entire logistics process from the time of shipment to return. The recorded data can be easily accessed for later use. Company W's data logger is simple with competitive pricing, so it can be expanded to various fields such as fresh food, electronic equipment, and heavy equipment where monitoring temperature, humidity, and impact are important during distribution process.

Company W is conducting PoC with leading logistics companies and medical companies in Japan together with Seoil E&M, and it is in the process of signing the contracts.